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I'm really satisfied with the core models of the Wargamer Tree Set, and I've had some great suggestions from the Kickstarter backers on new models that I'm going to implement.

I've also got plans to create a companion model set focusing on rocks. That set most likely will be launched exclusively from this website to the email subscribers. So make sure to get on the list to receive notice of its impending release early next year.

2019 4th Quarter - Additional Tree Models

For the rest of 2019, additional models will be added to all the categories that comprise the Wargamer Tree Set.

2020 1st Quarter - Wargamer Rock Set

The Wargamer Rock Set is the companion to the Tree Set. Similar categories found in the tree set will be filled with rock-type scatter terrain.

2020 2nd Quarter - Wargamer Monster Set

These models will be made in the form of rock and tree monsters. Drawing inspiration from the spectacular models from WETA, the Wargamer Monster Set will include wild animal shapes, ancient dinosaurs, and even creatures never before seen.

And that's it for the roadmap. Note that this isn't an exhaustive list, only the most notable. Since development is fluid I'll be keeping an eye on things and doing my best to add in other scatter terrain if the cycle runs smoother than expected.

As a final note, thank you to all the supporters who have downloaded, printed and continue to use the models in their campaigns; your support and feedback have been invaluable to me, and I hope you'll continue to help guide LandCrunch direction through the coming year!